Course curriculum


From the Principal Engineering Geologist at Great Basin Geoscience

Eric Hubbard, CEG

“I took this short course at the AEG national meeting, and it was real eye-opener. Glenn is an excellent teacher.”

From the AEG-SF Past-Chair

Morley Beckman, PE

“A hearty thank you to Dr. Glenn Borchardt for teaching his Soil Stratigraphy for Trench Logging short course. I have received many positive reports from his students – it sounds like everyone had a great time and learned a lot!”

From a geology student on one of my field trips

Elaine Farrell

"My classmates Anne, Akkana and I thought you were the best part of the entire field trip today. We can tell you love to teach, well, we love to learn."

A Great Short Course on Soils for Age Dating Surficial Deposits in Geology, Archeology, and Environmental and Agricultural Disciplines

Michael J. Dwyer, PG, CEG (California)

"This course is unusually comprehensive with numerous excellent soil horizon photos with their associated and detailed graphic logs. Nomenclature, soil forming processes, age interpretations and tectonic features are carefully described in photos by Dr. Borchardt. The breadth of course content points out it should be of as much interest to the archaeology community as to the those practicing soil tectonics. Applications in landslide characterization/mitigation are numerous. Other useful applications could include those practicing in agriculture and in environmental review/ compliance."